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zf s6 40 and t 56 6 speed transmssion driveline - zr51performance is a full service automotive repair facility for most makes and models of vehicles we specialize in six speed manual zf s6 40 and t56 transmissions as well as providing international support and distribution of zf s6 40 spare parts and remanufactured transmissions, transmission faq zf aftermarket - the s6 40 6 speed manual transmission and all other 4 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions have an i d plate affixed to the main housing the zf transmission number is stamped onto this plate s5 31 5 speed manual transmissions have a three letter code stamped to the main housing, zf gearbox s6 40 service manual autodesguacechurriana com - 6 speed manual transmission zf s6 40 nalley gmc diagram of oem 6 speed manual transmission zf s6 40 contains 3 parts priced between 14 30 and 64 17, maintenance and diagnostics manual mm 0150 zf freedomline - service notes zf freedomline transmission maintenance and diagnostics manual mm 0150 using this maintenance manual this maintenance manual addresses maintenance diagnostics and use issues that owners and users of zf freedomline transmissions may encounter it is not intended as a discussion of every issue that may, corvette zf s6 40 6 speed drivetrain - these quality s6 40 manual transmission parts rebuild kits and overhaul kits are designed to be top of the line overhaul kits we have include information on how to identify individual transmissions application information model year and detailed kit and part availability by transmission type, zf transmission repair manual pdf download - zf transmission repair manual pdf zf transmission repair manual pdf 0 reviews write a review 100 availability instant download or cd via airmail electronic manual contains full technical information on repair service and maintenance of automatic gearbox zf this manual includes step by step instruct, zf transmission repair manual pdf epcatalogs - related products for zf transmission repair manual pdf zf 4hp22 6hp26 5hp19 5hp24 5hp30 transmission pdf manuals set contains special service instructions installation instructions service information for serve and repair zf gearbox 4hp22 6hp26 5hp19 5hp24 5hp30, zf truck transmission service manual pdf download - this service manual includes repair and maintenance instructions fitting instructions step by step instruction and customer service information for transmission zf service manual are intended to assist you in the repair and maintenance of truck s transmission zf this service manual comes in pdf, gm s6 40 corvette transmission illustrated parts drawings - auto gear service of las vegas drive line service in las vegas overdrives corvette s6 40 parts illustration manual transmission of the parts you need get it correct the first time and save money quality parts guaranteed oe replacements transmission model s6 40 zf corvette 6 speed unit is shown in the following illustration, list of zf transmissions wikipedia - this list of zf transmissions details those automotive transmissions created by the german zf friedrichshafen ag engineering company s6 40 1989 1996 lotus carlton omega chevrolet corvette vn holden commodore ss group a dinet biz alternative spare parts for zf gearbox buses, service manual and spare parts list - service manual and spare parts list cod 310 01 0052f r e p a i r m a n u a l zf 3 m hbw 35 zf 5 m hbw 50 for handling zf m transmissions and will answer all questions that may arise in daily operation and in connection with the installation and repair of zf m transmis sions this manual contains technical description of the gearbox