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p g wodehouse bibliography wikipedia - sir pelham grenville wodehouse kbe w d h a s 1881 1975 was an english author humorist and scriptwriter after being educated at dulwich college to which he remained devoted all his life he was employed by a bank but disliked the work and wrote magazine pieces in his spare time in 1902 he published his first novel the pothunters set at the fictional public school of st, p g wodehouse short stories bibliography wikipedia - the following is an incomplete list of short stories by p g wodehouse grouped by the wodehouse canon to which they belong if applicable for a list of wodehouse s books including novels and collections of short stories see p g wodehouse bibliography, list of books by p g wodehouse p g wodehouse wiki - the following is a complete list of books by p g wodehouse including novels and collections of short stories sorted first by date of publication and later by series i e by recurring characters or locations wodehouse s work has been anthologized recompiled and republished under a, the edwin frank interview quarterly conversation - published in issue 46 the following is an edited transcript of a conversation held at shakespeare company in paris on november 15 2016 video and a podcast of the complete event is available here at the bookstore s website, author existence failure tv tropes - chaucer s the canterbury tales was expected to clock in at anywhere between 100 and 120 chapters unfortunately the dude only managed to finish 24 tales before he suffered an insurmountable and permanent state of writer s block commonly known as death, some literary criticism quotes university of cambridge - purposes and definitions of the arts purposes poetry and other arts poetry is music set to words dennis o driscoll one of donald davie s favourite notions was that there were three useful analogies for the understanding of literature in general and modern literature in particular poetry was like theatre as in yeats like music as in pasternak and eliot and like sculpture as in