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rosa parks african american biographies sandy donovan - rosa parks was an ordinary african american woman in 1955 when she changed history discover the life story of rosa parks and what it has meant to the civil rights movement this biography tells the stories of her life with insightful details and vivid photos and explains how perseverance has continued to set examples today, rosa parks biography biography online - rosa parks biography rosa louise mccauley parks 1913 2005 was an african american civil right s activist and seamstress whom the u s congress dubbed the mother of the modern day civil rights movement, rosa parks biography biography - rosa parks was born rosa louise mccauley on february 4 1913 in tuskegee alabama after her parents james and leona mccauley separated when rosa was two rosa s mother moved the family to pine level alabama to live with her parents rose and sylvester edwards, rosa parks biography historical resources teachervision - rosa parks the courageous refusal of rosa parks to yield her seat on a birmingham bus sparked the historic bus boycott in that city in a march 1999 article ebony magazine named her one of the 100 most important african american women of the twentieth century and joined the large group of those considering her momentous act of civil disobedience one of the pivotal events in american history, rosa parks biography facts britannica com - rosa parks n e rosa louise mccauley born february 4 1913 tuskegee alabama u s died october 24 2005 detroit michigan african american civil rights activist whose refusal to relinquish her seat on a public bus to a white man precipitated the 1955 56 montgomery bus boycott in alabama which is recognized as the spark that ignited the u s civil rights movement