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reputation and defamation lawrence mcnamara oxford - the proposition that the tort of defamation protects reputation has long been axiomatic in the law the axiom s endurance is surprising it has long been observed that the law is riddled with inconsistencies and moreover the courts and the scholarly literature have rarely discussed exactly what reputation is and how judgments about reputation are made, how to stop online defamation without filing a defamation - defamation can ruin your reputation but is suing in your best interest we explain how you can stop online defamation without filing a defamation lawsuit, reputation and defamation oxford scholarship - the first study of what reputation is how it functions and how it is and should be protected under the law reputation and defamation addresses the inconsistencies and failures of the common law that have been observed for over a century, defamation reputation and the myth of community - abstract the complex interaction between defamation reputation and community values defines the tort of defamation a defamatory communication tends to harm a plaintiff s reputation in the eyes of the plaintiffs community thus to determine whether a given statement is defamatory courts must first identify the plaintiff s community and its, libel slander and defamation how to protect your - libel slander and defamation how to protect your reputation in a digital economy by scott smith biggerpockets com by scott smith updated august 30 2018 business management bad reviews hurt a business if you own the business they hurt your soul nonetheless platforms like yelp are the gatekeepers to quality now, defamation and reputation management one brick court - defamation and reputation management one brick court has long been renowned as a leading set in defamation and all claims concerned with protecting reputation and freedom of expression, reputation beyond defamation david rolph inforrm s blog - the common law has long protected reputation very highly the principal means by which it has done this is the tort of defamation justice hallett in foaminol laboratories ltd v british artid plastics ltd 1941 2 all er 393 famously remarked that a claim for mere loss of reputation is the, online defamation and slander removal internet reputation - online defamation is a serious problem that impacts millions every year fixing it is essential to protecting your online reputation we are experts in helping resolve defamation issues on the internet and can help you get libel or slander malicious and false statements removed