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q400 maintenance stair industrial maintenance platforms - q400 maintenance stair 8 964 00 the bombardier dash 8 or q series previously known as the dash 8 or dhc 8 is a series of twin engine medium range turboprop airliners produced by bombardier aerospace, proud to fly a turboprop q400 vs atr72 the flying engineer - costs doc for a 300nm sector is 8 8 more than that of a 68 seat atr72 500 atr on the other hand claims that in the same environment the doc for a 300nm sector for a q400 is 25 more than the atr72 500, nayak aircraft services technical training - contact us maintenancetraining at nayak aero and ask about open courses or customized offers nayak maintenance training is approved by the federal office of civil aeronautics germany under approval de 147 0024 in accordance with commission regulation eu 1321 2014 app iv part 147 therefore our certificates are recognized by all easa member states, pratt whitney canada pw100 wikipedia - the pratt whitney canada pw100 aircraft engine family is a series of 1 800 to 5 000 shaft horsepower 1 300 to 3 700 kw turboprops manufactured by pratt whitney canada the engine first entered service in 1984 it dominates its market with 89 of the turboprop regional airliner installed base in 2016 leading ge aviation and allison engine company, flyjsim 732 twinjet professional v3 flyjsim website - flyjsim continues their commitment to delivering high quality aircraft for the x plane platform it s time to experience the jet age with the 732 twinjet which is modeled off the 737 200 advanced with jt8d 15a engines and a sp 77 autopilot, fleet planecrazy me uk - the bell 206 is a family of two bladed single and twin engined helicopters manufactured by bell helicopter at its mirabel quebec plant the first bell 206a flew on january 10 1966, aircraft pressurization beginner s guide aerosavvy - protecting the fuselage from pressurization problems two types of mechanical devices are installed on the fuselage to protect the pressurized section of the aircraft against excessive pressure differential, fuel economy in aircraft wikipedia - fuel economy in aircraft is a measure of how much fuel an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft of mixed types needs to operate in relation to a service provided i e number of passengers or ton of freight and the distance between points of travel it can be expressed in several ways for example by the litres of fuel consumed per passenger per kilometer, ale list ominous valve - this is good since theirs hang pc ale every time requiring a manual unlink cyprus d cbp fixed wing a c voice id omaha d01 cbp q400 n801mr omaha 1mr d05 cbp q400 n805mr d06 cbp q400 n807mr d07 cbp q400 n807mr d08 cbp q400 n808mr d14 cbp p 3a omaha 314 d20 croatian nprd d23 cbp p 3b slick omaha 23sk d31 cbp p 3c slick, air transportation transport canada - 6 1 overview of air transportation air transport is an important component of canada s overall transportation mix with local regional national and international airlines flying passengers and cargo to destinations across the country and around the world, airline pilot guy aviation podcast - news 34 53 boeing 737 max 8 stuck in iran since december 14 a real headache for norwegian 41 59 lion air ends search for crashed boeing 737 max 8 s cockpit voice recorder 43 20 aeromexico b738 at guadalajara on jan 3rd 2019 ground down main wheels on landing 48 47 3d printing to save the aviation industry 51 15 herb, r191 onsight blog onsight - o 2