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borzoi club of america inc - the borzoi club of america is the akc parent club representing the borzoi or russian wolfhound in the united states bcoa is the guardian of the akc borzoi breed standard the bcoa hosts an annual national specialty show and serves the american borzoi fanciers, dog owner s guide brt what is a pet quality puppy - what is a pet quality puppy we often get calls or e mails from people looking to add a purebred dog to their households more often than not the caller or writer specifies that he wants just a pet so he doesn t want to pay a lot of money for a puppy, dog owner s guide site index canis major - this list of all dog owner s guide articles is in a slightly modified alphabetical order rather than strict alphabetical sequence for example the poodle is under p rather than t articles about the akc are under a rather than the first word of the actual title etc our articles are also listed by topic for a list of topics see the summary topic list, life span of the yorkshire terrier - the life expectancy of the yorkshire terrier is between is between 12 to 15 years with a median age of 13 5 years female yorkies live on average 1 5 years longer than males, pug dog breed information pictures characteristics - pug information including pictures training behavior and care of pugs and dog breed mixes, english springer spaniel dog breed information pictures - english springer spaniels information including pictures training behavior and care of springer spaniels and dog breed mixes, brackett s formula for failure border wars - there is a favorite breeding theory or system used by successful breeders of many varieties of animals it usually eventuates in superior stock if the male selected is himself an outstanding specimen nearly faultless and has such progenitors, amazon com customer reviews chance or the dance - a garden of delight is the little book 136 pages titled chance or the dance a critique of modern secularism by thomas howard although the topic is serious the writing is lewis like almost whimsical and very enjoyable, bloat in dogs a dog owner s guide k9 magazine - dog bloat aka gastric torsion in dogs an owner s guide bloat in dogs is a fast silent killer too many dog owners only learn about dog bloat once they re in that devastating position of having a vet explain to them why their recently healthy dog is now deceased