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what s behind the autism epidemic there is hope for autism - research is now clearly showing that environmental factors play a primary role in the epidemic of autism spectrum disorders brain disorders are the result of excessive exposure to toxins from multiple sources including the mother while in utero, 15 of the best natural remedies for adhd collective - in our quick fix society there are thousands of children each day marching to the nurse s office and a countless number of adults dependent on adhd medication ritalin methylphenidate or another psychostimulant drug to help them focus, which adhd medication is best add stimulants - there are so many adhd medications it can feel imposible to find the right one here begin your research on uses dosages and potential side effects, adhd the feingold diet - adhd diet this is the original diet treatment for adhd and a comprehensive program of dietary management for better behavior learning and health, rejection sensitive dysphoria how to treat it alongside - rejection sensitive dysphoria how adhd ignites rejection sensitive dysphoria the extreme emotional pain of perceived rejection is a feeling unique to people with adhd add and it can be debilitating, the best natural adderall alternatives to buy otc legally - trying to find a suitable natural adderall alternative for yourself or your child to use without a prescription adderall is a pharmaceutical drug that has been used for treating conditions like adhd and even narcolepsy it is increasingly being sought out as a smart drug and taken for off label purposes by students and other people in high pressure environments, norway orders drug free treatment in psychiatry - the door to a revolution in psychiatry cracks open a mia report norway s health ministry orders medication free treatment, opioid narcotic pain medications dosage side effects - continued never change or stop taking any opioid medicine without first checking with your doctor if a pain medication isn t working as well as it should your doctor may switch you to a, adderall tips how to convince your shrink you have add - 266 comments add your own 1 kevin w walker march 9th 2009 at 7 31 pm how are you guys do you know of anywhere you can get it online without perscription thanks 2 aleke march 23rd 2009 at 5 40 pm i tried posting some stuff about this on the newer article that links back to this one but i don t think it posted after all, the scientism of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - sami this is an excellent summary of the many ways in which adhd is pure fraud i have a metaphor to demonstrate its ridiculousness imagine if your car wouldn t start and your mechanic diagnosed it to be caused by cnsd car not starting disorder which he confidently explained makes it hard for cars to start up, new adhd medication rules brain science common sense - new rules provides solutions for adhd medication confusion medical treatment for adhd fails far too often not because of the drugs themselves but how they are managed new adhd medication rules brain science common sense shows that patients often suffer from missed brain and body diagnoses that create a variety of reactions to adhd medications, healing aids and hiv naturally with a drug free approach - new perspectives on hiv and aids non toxic resolution through differential diagnosis this study employs an effective non toxic approach to resolving aids which has been used with success on a small group of immune compromised hiv positive diagnosed patients under the care of dr s, health information and medical information harvard health - daily health tip create an essentials bin getting organized can help you spend less time searching for things put your car keys glasses wallet and other items in the same place every day so you won t have to hunt for them, vitamin b12 for the treatment of autism the autism - does vitamin b12 really do anything for autism is a question that comes up many times in the practice of providing biomedical treatments sometimes the desire to use b12 is even the primary driving force that brings patients to our office, adhd nature course outcomes and comorbidity by russell - several assumptions are important in understanding the initial model as it is applied to adhd 1 the capacity for behavioral inhibition begins to emerge first in development ahead of most or all these four executive functions but possibly in conjunction with the first nonverbal working memory, latest news diets workouts healthy recipes msn health - get latest on all things healthy with fun workout tips nutrition information and medical content whether you love yoga running strength training or outdoor adventure we ve got advice to, 11 natural treatments for depression an md s tips for - dr lissa rankin examines natural treatments for depression i believe that dr rankin s point was that mds generally are too quick to prescribe anti depressants not psychiatrists in particular, commentary on nutritional treatment of mental disorders - sponsors our proud sponsors we are able to carry out our vital work thanks to financial support from those like you people who realize the importance of our continuous education of the public regarding alternative mental health choices, natural remedies for autism earth clinic - autism is a complex disorder that affects nearly 1 in every 88 children in the united states alone if you or your family is one of those affected you know the difficulties that face an individual with autism